How to troubleshoot HP Printing and Scanning Error?

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HP is one of the most reputed tech brands known for its range of unique and high end printers.  Although the printers and scanners are manufactured with the highest quality parts and technology, the devices are still prone to errors and defects. Some of the common issues faced by people while printing and scanning are printing error, connection errors, invalid print commands, cartridge issues etc.

We provide comprehensive and quick troubleshoot help for HP printers through our wide spread support network. However, you can troubleshoot the printing and scanning errors while following some common steps. For troubleshooting the HP printing or scanning issues, perform the steps given below and if you remain unable to solve the errors, connect with us through our email, hotline or chat support and resolve all your printer related issues.

Troubleshooting printing and scanning errors:

Check the network connection:

For printing the documents on a network, plug-in your printer, restart your PC and try to print the paper. If the paper doesn’t get printed, follow the given steps:

  • Change IP address of the printer
  • When the printer displays ready mode, upgrade the firmware and change the drivers

Clear the Printing queue:

When the print queue gets stuck, you may get a printing or scanning error. For this, you can clear the printing queue by clearing all the print jobs and then restart the printing program. Open the Printer and Faxes option and try to print again. Clear all the print jobs and restart.

Check your firmware version

When your firmware needs to get upgraded, your printer may reflect printing/ scanning errors. To check whether or not your firmware is upgraded, here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Go to the HP website and choose the option ‘Support & Drivers’
  • Enter your HP printer model number and choose Cross OS
  • Check the date of the current version of firmware
  • If any updates are available, download the updates and try printing again

Make sure your cartridge is moving automatically

  • Whenever your printer faces jam, you must check the printing cartridge. When the cartridge gets jammed, open the cartridge door when your printer is switched on.
  • Make sure the cartridge moves automatically and the papers are located near the cartridge path/ entrance.
  • If this doesn’t work, move your cartridge or reinstall it. Slide the cartridge smoothly in the slot and press down.
  • Turn on the printer using the power button.

Install a software repair tool (HP print and scan doctor):

You can also install a repair tool for your printer or scanner. One of the tools is HP print and scan doctor.  This is a free tool which helps in fixing all the common printing and scanning issues. To install this tool, here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Ensure that your printer is on and connected with your system
  • Download HP print and scan doctor from the HP website
  • Click on install and click on start to view the steps
  • Choose the printer which is facing issues and click next
  • Click on fix scanning or fix printing on the basis of your issue
  • The results will be shown if your device is fixed or any further steps are required.

Along with printers, Hp also offers high quality scanners providing excellent class scanning. Sometimes the scanners show scanning errors when immense pressure or weight is applied on the scanner or when the scanner is not able to scan the documents from the glass tray.  We have an immensely experienced and knowledgeable scanner support team ready 24×7 to help you resolve your scanner issues.

Here are some common and basic steps you can try to troubleshoot the scanning errors:

  • Turn off and turn on your printer
  • Wait until the printer gets properly started
  • Unplug the power cord and wait for 60 seconds
  • Plug in the cord back and power on your printer
  • Wait until the printer flash light and cartridge gets activated and starts working

While following these steps, you can easily troubleshoot the basic scanning and printing errors. If you are still not able to repair your scanner issues, feel free to reach us at our technical support mail or contact and get your problem resolved by our professional team.

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