How to Resolve HP printer Spooler Error 1053 ?

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Print Spooler error 1053 for HP printers is a very is a common error that one can come across on Windows while trying to print out from the printer. It can also occur at the time of installing a new printer.

This is in fact, a software error that can have many reasons behind it. There are also many variations for this type of error. This also means that there are multiple ways to resolve and tackle this.

Basically, the “Print Spooler error 1053” denotes that the registration of the spooler service is unsuccessful in the service control manager.

Print spooler is an inbuilt windows service which is used to communicate between the printer and your computer. You might come across this error message repeatedly, each and every time when you try to print a document or when you try to install or add a new printer.

The main causes of this error might be a set of damaged registry files, virus or any potentially harmful malware. Corrupted printer drivers can also contribute to the reasons that cause this error.

So, there is basically one effective method to resolve the print spooler service error 1053 that can be performed using the following steps :

  1. Open Services page

  • Click on Start button
  • Right click on Computer and click Manage.
  • Click on “Services and Application”
  • Click services.
  • Towards the right side pane, you’ll find the services page that has all the services listed under it.
  1. Open the Print Spooler service configuration page

  • Under the services page, navigate to the service service displaying “print spooler”
  • Double click on print spooler
  • This will allow you to open the configuration window for that.
  1. Uncheck the “Allow service to interact with desktop” option.

  • Click the “Log on” tab under the configuration window.
  • Uncheck the option “Allow service to interact with desktop”
  • Click on apply
  • Select OK
  1. Starting the print spooler service
  • Click the General tab
  • Click “start”
  • Click apply
  • Select OK
  1. Grant permissions for the Spooler’s system files : spoolsv.exe and Spoolss.dll.

  • Click the Start button.
  • Click on Computer.
  • Open C Drive or the relevant drive where you have your OS installed
  • Open Windows folder .
  • Open the System32 folder from the list of other folders.
  • Locate the two files: spoolsv.exe and Spoolss.dll.
  • Change their permissions of both these files to administrator right by following the next below steps.
  • Right click on spoolsv.exe
  • Click on the properties option.
  • Click the Security Tab.
  • Select Advanced.
  • Click the Owner tab.
  • Select Edit button.
  • Select Administrators
  • Click Apply
  • Select OK.
  • Then Click on the Permissions Tab.
  • Click “Change Permission”.
  • Select Add Button
  • Type Everyone
  • Click OK
  • Check mark all the boxes of the allow row
  • Click on OK
  • Find the next file : spoolss.dll and perform the same actions as above.
  • Restart your system to apply these changes.

After performing these steps, your Print Spooler error 1053 should be resolved. In case you are still facing this issue, you always have a viable option, which is to contact the HP printer technical support helpline. The HP support professionals will help you tackle the printer spooler error issue with expertise and ensure that you have a smooth and niggle free printing experience.

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