How To Remove Paper Jam From HP LaserJet Printer?

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Paper Jam has been around since the 1960’s from the time the printing presses around the world started printing more than one sheet of paper at a time. But it is a phenomenon that does occur even in this modern era of advanced technology. While the paper jams of the past involved a lot of effort and time to clear up, you can now solve the paper jam issues by following a few simple steps that come with the manual of the modern age printers such as the hp laserjet printers.

If you still find it difficult to tackle the paper jam issue with your HP laserjet printer, you can get help by calling the toll free number 1-800-915-6983. By contacting the professional support team, it would be easier to solve the problems which you may find difficult to solve without specialization and adequate knowledge.

Paper Jam- what is it?

Paper jam means that the paper that follows the paper path in the printer did not go so. In other words, an expected sheet of paper did not appear at some point of the printing process on the paper path. The modern technologically advanced printers such as the laserjet printers have an array of sensors that are all the time detecting the passage of the sheet of paper through the paper path. When the paper does not arrive when it is due, the printing process stops and you will receive a paper jam report on the screen.

Reasons for Paper Jam

Whether it is an ordinary inkjet printer or an advanced laser jet printer, the reasons for paper jam are quite similar and includes reasons such as

  • Poor quality of the paper that is loaded
  • Degraded paper with crinkled edge, warps and tear
  • Improper loading of paper which means improper positioning of the paper
  • Obstruction due to a torn paper on the paper path
  • Obstruction due to a dead insect or debris particles in the paper path
  • Worn parts of the printer
  • Defective sensors in the printer.
  • Paper overload

Dealing with paper Jam

Paper Jam is likely to happen once in a while. But how you handle it, will ensure that you do not let the paper jam cause any mechanical damage to the printer.

Steps in solving paper jam issues

  • The first step is to cancel the printing job that is in progress and turn off the printer and unplug it. This will ensure that printer is protected against any mechanical damage.
  • Let the laser jet printer cool down for at least 30 minutes
  • Meanwhile, you can remove all the papers placed on the loading tray and try to detect the reason for the problem. Most of the problems will be at the point where the paper gets loaded into the printer.
  • If you find a paper stuck in the printer, remove it and also look for smaller bits that might be stuck there. Now adjust the loading tray and push it properly in the slot and load the papers again.

Paper Jam in the Rollers

  • If you think the Jam is in the roller region, gently open the access door or duplexer in the rear of the printer.
  • Pull the paper that is stuck slowly ensuring that you do not tear the paper and make the paper totally inaccessible.
  • If removing the paper from the rear is tough, you may also try removing it from the front.
  • Once the paper is removed and you are sure that there are no small bits of paper as well, you can clean the rollers with a soft and moist towel.
  • Verify if the rollers are moving smoothly. Do not force the rollers. If they do not move freely, it is an indication that they need to be changed.
  • Now close the rear door and plug in the printer.

Removing jammed paper by removing the front cover

  • If the paper is stuck a little deeper inside and far off from the loading tray region, you might try to remove it by removing the front cover on top of the printer.
  • Gently remove the front cover and pull out the paper slowly.

Paper jam due to improper paper carriage movement

Check the paper carriage movement to ensure if everything is well with the printer. Paper jam is less likely to occur when paper carriage system is functioning properly.

If you are not confident of handling the issue adequately by following the instructions, it is better to call the experts.

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