How to Print Wirelessly without a Wireless Router?

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HP has launched a number of extremely intelligent and smart printer models. These printers provide wireless printing facilities for hassle free and quick printing. With this, comes a question if we can print wirelessly without using a wireless router as well. The answer is yes. There are different softwares and methods to print wirelessly.

There are different devices like smart phones, tablets and notebooks to enable wireless printing without a wifi router. Using these devices and some smart apps, you can print wirelessly.

Here are some cool and easy ways to print without using a wireless router:

  1. Bluetooth printing

One of the most helpful and high end technologies used nowadays is Bluetooth. Bluetooth allows devices to connect wirelessly and perform tasks like data sharing, printing, file transfer etc. One of the primary benefits of Bluetooth is that you can print with your printer without using a wifi router.

There are several HP models which come with built-in Bluetooth support. Using these printers, you can connect your Smartphone, system, tablets or mobile devices with the printer and print your documents. Also if your phone does not support wifi, you can easily print the documents using bluetooth!

  1. HP wireless direct and wifi direct

HP wireless direct and wifi direct are the features that facilitate wireless connection between wifi-capable and printer without wifi router. You can use these features just like you connect your system with routers or hotspots. Connect the HP wireless director wifi direct with the network connected to the printer and print the documents.

  1. Setting up an Ad Hoc network

Through an Ad Hoc network, you can connect 2 systems with each other in a wireless way. You can find this option in network and sharing centre. Create a network name and security key and start using a wireless printing network.

These are the common ways and methods of printing wirelessly without using a wireless router. You can also browse some tools, softwares and applications which support your devices to enable wireless printing.

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