How To Make HP Laptop Better For Gaming

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Gaming is a passion for millions of people all over the world. There is no dearth of high-tech games with advanced graphics and other features. HP Laptops are highly suitable for playing a plethora of modern games. However, your gaming experience on your HP laptop can be marred due to a variety of issues such as slow speed, poor performance, bad graphics and much more. In order to avoid these issues, you must be aware of the internal configuration of your HP laptop and take steps to boost the ability of your HP laptop to run all kinds of games.

Read on to know about some effective steps to make your HP laptop better for gaming:

Install the latest driver

The gaming performance of your HP laptop can be hampered due to the presence of an outdated driver. Outdated driver gives rise to a plethora of issues in running the game. Installing the latest driver enhances the speed and performance of your HP laptop and improves gaming experience. Online HP support is present for selecting and installing the latest drivers. Some examples of latest drivers are Intel High-Definition (HD) Graphics Driver, Intel Software Guard Extensions Device (SGX) Driver and Intel Realsense Depth Camera Manager (DCM) Driver.

Overclocking GPU speed

Overclocking the GPU speed increases the performance of the graphic card installed in your HP laptop which helps in improving the gaming performance. Tools for this purpose are available for Nvidia and AMD GPUs. Overclocking should be low in the initial stages. Overclocking also increases the heat in the GPU, thus you need to adjust the fan speed of the laptop for higher mode of cooling. This is necessary because the laptop automatically shuts down when it becomes too hot.

Close background applications

Applications running in the background adversely affect the gaming performance of your laptop. This is because the background applications utilise a significant part of the RAM (Random Access Memory) which slows down the system. Thus, you must ensure that all the apps running on your laptop are closed before starting the game. Close the applications manually.

Install latest version of DirectX

DirectX is an essential collection of software tools for supporting graphics of a video game. DirectX is crucial for playing games on Windows. You must ensure that your HP laptop has the latest version of DirectX installed on it for good gaming performance. The beneficial aspect for users is that in most cases a new DirectX gets installed automatically as required by a particular game during its installation process. You can check the version of your current DirectX by following these steps.

  • Press WIN+R to open the Run menu.
  • Enter dxdiag.
  • DirectX diagnostic tool window opens. Click on “Render” tab.
  • Information about the graphics card gets displayed on the screen.
  • Look for Direct3D DDI under “Drivers”.
  • The number written in front of Direct3D DDI indicates the version of DirectX.


Adjust power settings

You need to adjust the power setting of your HP laptop to a low level in order to get the best gaming performance. This course of action is unlike desktops where you need to increase the power. For high performance games, the power level should not be too low as it causes problems.

Gaming mode in Windows 10

If your HP laptop is running on Windows 10, then you need to use the Game mode setting in order to improve the gaming performance. Game mode setting is a feature of Xbox app which is already a part of Windows 10. In order to use the game mode setting, you need to follow some simple steps.

  • Press WIN +G after the game has launched. This opens the Xbox panel.
  • Click Settings option.
  • Go to General tab and click on the “Use Game Mode for this game” box.

This mode makes the game run at amazing speed with optimum settings.

Internet speed for online games                        

Internet speed is a crucial factor for online games apart from drivers, hardware and configuration of the system. You need to install the latest drivers for the wireless network card for fast internet speed. If the speed does not improve even after updating, you can go for a wired Ethernet connection with the router.

HP technical support is also available for getting expert help for improving gaming performance of your HP laptop.  

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