HP initiative to smart printing with smart assistant

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HP never fails to facilitate its customers with the most high end and easy to use products. Along with the products like PC’s Laptops, Printers etc, the company is always ahead in providing extraordinary softwares and tools which can enrich and ease the operation of these products. Smart assistant is a very modern and dynamic approach to provide hassle free printing to the customers.

One of such intelligent and proficient tools is the HP Smart Assistant. The HP smart assistant is a free utility or tool offered by Hewlett Packard released post 2012 to resolve the common system issues while offering updates and self-help tabs. This is a revolutionary program designed to keep your system working in the correct and automatic repair way. HP smart assistants can diagnose, prevent and fix ample HP device issues within no time!

What you can do with HP smart assistant?

Using the innovatory smart assistant, you can manage all your HP devices on a single platform. You can also get the latest updates, messages, troubleshooters, tools, fixing solutions, warranty based service support resources and devices for your system, accessories etc. For different businesses too, smart assistant provides options to browse and download the updates and drivers for different HP devices.

Here are some benefits and facts of HP Smart Assistant:

  • This assistant is available for different HP devices while it is already included in the new HP laptops and notebooks. You can download the smart assistant from the website.
  • HP smart assistant provides smart performance monitoring and optimization for improved performance and smart use of tools.
  • You can also sign in with your HP credentials for personalised support. You can add different devices to your smart assistant and get updates for those devices.
  • One of the best features about HP smart assistant is that it provides automatic updates. For different devices, the assistant pops up updates which will help all your devices to function smoothly without errors.


How to download and install HP smart assistant:

Check the version of smart assistant before downloading it. Also, you can visit the HP official website to get the latest version of your smart assistant. You can install the assistant and for personalised support, create an HP passport profile as well.

Uninterrupted and high profile printing with smart assistant

The smart assistant is certainly the latest high profile tool for printing.  This assistant tells you if your printer is running out of ink, it will remind you of replacing the cartridge and also helps you change the printer settings.

  • The smart assistant is compatible with different pc’s, tablets, notebooks, printers and a lot of HP devices.
  • The assistant can diagnose and scan the issues in different devices.
  • The smart assistant comes with automated fixing solutions and bug resolving tools.
  • The assistant also provides updates for drivers and different devices.
  • Smart assistant optimises the device performance while choosing the best options and tools for it.
  • The assistant also provides valuable system info wile troubleshooting your device.

HP smart assistant comes with ample benefits and added features. From diagnosing the common printer issues to applying automated fixing, the assistant provides clear and reliable automated support services.

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