How to enhance PC performance in a few clicks

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When you install a lot of software, applications and utilize a large amount of available memory of your computer, it becomes slow. However, speeding up the computer isn’t a tough job anymore. There are a few easy tricks and techniques using which, you can boost the performance of your system.

When over the time your PC gets slow, you can follow some promising optimizing tips to enhance the performance of your system and use it at its peak. Here are some steps you can follow to speed up your PC in just a few clicks:

  1. Eliminate unnecessary items that run during startup

When your computer takes a long time to start, you need to reduce the number of items that run during startup. You don’t need to run the antivirus, certain software and cleanup software while you start your PC. Thus, click on run and type msconfig. Click on the start tab and remove the things you don’t want to run with startup.

  1. Clean up your software and programs

Sometimes, you are unaware about the useless programs and software blocking huge space in your system. Every week, run a check-up and cleanup for such items. Open your control panel, browse the different software and programs and remove all the unwanted or unused ones from your system. This will save a lot of space for other items and will speed up your PC as well.

  1. Clean the drives

The more memory you have freed, the better your system will perform. To clean all the drives, type cleanmgr.exe in the run and clean the extra space on your drives for speeding up your system.

  1. Use quick browsers and softwares

You will notice the difference in browsing speed in the usage of old browsers and when upgraded to Google chrome.  If you are using internet explorer or any other browser, try to use Google chrome which provides quick content loading and browsing. This will increase your browsing speed and also prevent bugs.

  1. Clean cookies, cache and browsed items

Your browser will work better if you regularly clear your cache, cookies and history. These items use a lot of your computer memory and decreases the speed of browsing.  You can also install cleaners available online to clear your browser history on regular basis.

  1. Perform a malware and antivirus check regularly

When you check for malwares and viruses, your computer becomes free from a lot of unwanted bulky files.  The antivirus scan checks will clean your computer and enhance the speed. Also your system will be free from different malwares and viruses which can cause damage.

  1. Prepare more partitions

De-fragmentation of the drives will allow your system to speed up. Fragmenting will help in optimizing the pc and your windows will run without slowing down.

  1. Change the power settings

Some basic steps can boost the performance of your system unexpectedly. If you want to optimize the system, turn on the power saver mode of the pc. Go to the control panel and change to power saver mode. Change between the balanced, high power and power saver mode as per the need and utilization of your system.

  1. Restart your Pc atleast once a day

A lot of people are habituated to keep the system in sleep mode after use. Also, we forget to shut down or restart the pc when we use it on regular basis. To boost performance and allow the software and programs to work efficiently, it is recommended to restart the pc once a day.

  1. Disable different visual and animation effects

We are mesmerised by the colourful animation screen savers, but these elements significantly reduce the efficiency of system. The shadows, visual effects and moving screen savers consume a lot of battery and power while making your system performance low on overall basis. Thus, refrain from using such power consuming elements.

  1. Reinstall windows

If your computer seems completely jammed up and slows down drastically, one of the best options is to reinstall the windows. Remove all the unwanted software and reinstall your windows licensed version which will also update and recover windows.


These are the promising performance boosting tips you can implement on your PC. Following these tips on regular basis will help you utilize your system proficiently.

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