How to Fix Paper Jam in a HP printer?

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A lot of printer users face paper jam issue while using HP printers. This is a very common issue when the paper gets stuck in the tray or cartridge and stops printing. Sometimes, envelops or regular printing papers may also get jammed in the printer. For resolving paper jam issue, you can follow a few simple steps and get rid of it.

Here are the steps you can follow to resolve the paper jam issue:

Step 1: Remove the loose papers

If your printer gets stuck due to paper jam, hold the papers and pull out those papers which are lose and removable. Do not try to pull the jammed paper from the front of the tray.

Step 2: Resume if the jam is solved

If all the papers get easily removed from the tray, press on resume. Ensure that the ink cartridge can move freely and if it does, continue printing. If it does not move, follow the next steps.

Step 3: Try to remove the papers

If your printer is still not working, try to remove the papers stuck in the printer with and free hands. Remove the papers from the stack one by one.  If the sack is clear, check once again that there’s no paper or a piece of paper stuck in the printer. If you are still unable to clear the jam, follow the next steps.

Step 4: Clear the jam using back of the printer

If you tried removing the jam from front and failed, it’s time to use the back of the printer. Remove the rear access door of the printer and clean the jam. Turn the knob on and remove the access door and pull the papers out which are stuck in the jam. Also, check that there are no other papers stuck in the printer. Put the door and close it in the clockwise direction.

Check whether the jam is cleared or not. If it is cleared, continue printing. If not, then check the next steps.

Step 5: Remove the 2-sided accessories for removing the jam

If you have printers with 2 sided accessories, press RELEASE buttons on both the sides of accessories and clean the paper jam. Pull the jammed papers out. Do not scratch or pull the papers and remove the papers smoothly. Once the check is done, push the modules back in the printer. Check whether or not your cartridge moves freely. If it does, continue printing else check the next step.

Step 6: Open the front cover

If you have tried all the above given options and still the printer does not work, then you need to open the front cover and remove the paper jam. Don’t pull the paper. Instead, press it in the tray or at the back of the printer.

Step 7: Test your printer

Generally, after performing all the above given steps, the printer starts working normally and the jam issue gets resolved.  To diagnose the printer, follow the below given steps:

  • Unplug the power cord from your printer
  • Check whether or not your cartridge can move freely
  • If it moves freely, you can print the papers as the issue is solved
  • If it does not move, follow the next steps


Step 7: Remove the cartridge

When the above given steps do not work on your printer, it’s time to solve the error using cartridge. Remove the print cartridges. Move the cartridge to the right end of the printer. Remove the paper from the tray. Also, remove the 2 sided printing accessories. Rotate the printing rollers thrice. Once done, press the printing accessories to its position and let the accessories get into their place. Replace the print cartridges and plug-in the power cord button of printer and turn on the power.

Step 8: Reload the printer

Reload the printer as before and perform a self test to check whether it is working properly or not. Press the resume button. If the jam is cleared, the papers will print else it will not print.

After following the above given steps, if your printer still doesn’t work, you need to contact our efficient technical support team. The issue can damage your printer if the attempts to remove the jam are not done smoothly. Thus, if you are not able to remove the jam, connect with us through our dedicated mail or chat support services and get instant help!

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