How to fix HP printers ‘Ink System Failure’ Error

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HP does have an impressive array of quality printers lined up in its product portfolio. They are popular worldwide as manufacturers of the best and highly secure printing systems.

And taking into consideration the predominant fact that electronic machines always come with niggles, there are chances that you might come across the ‘Ink System Failure-0x’ error message. This can be basically due to a faulty Printhead or the incompatibility of your ink cartridge with the printer.

This error message might either pop up on your computer or the control panel of the printer. But be least worried as there are several methods to tackle this issue:

Use Original HP cartridges:

The chances of coming across the Ink system failure error becomes higher if the ink cartridges in use aren’t original and at the same time, incompatible with your printer.

So, it’s always better and safer to use an original ink or toner cartridge.

Reset the printer

In most of the cases, the ‘Ink System Failure’ error message can be overcome by performing a simple printer reset. This can be done by following the steps given below:

  1. Switch on the printer and wait for it to become idle.
  2. Remove the power plug from your printer, while the printer is still powered on.
  3. Wait for 60 seconds and then plug back the cord into the outlet.
  4. Start your printer normally. You can see that the lights and the cartridges start moving and flashing. This means that the printer is going through a warm-up phase.
  5. Once the preparation time is complete, allow the printer to become idle once again.

By this time, the error message should have disappeared. If not, you can try out the other fixes given below.

Ink Level inspection

At times, an empty or low ink cartridge can also be the reason for this error message.

By any chance, if you come across an ‘Ink Alert’ message prior to the ink system failure error, then it’s highly advised that you proceed with changing the ink cartridges at the earliest.

You can also look at the HP printer control panel to get a fair idea about the Estimated Ink Levels.

Ink Cartridge Vent cleaning

Blocked ink cartridge contacts and vents caused by Ink buildup or debris can also become the reason behind the ink system failure error.

You can follow the steps given below to clean the vents:

  1. The ink cartridges need to be taken out with utmost care.
  2. The copper-colored contacts of these ink cartridges need to be thoroughly cleaned using a dust-free dry cotton cloth.
  3. Once cleaned, these ink cartridges need to be carefully inserted back into the slot, and pressed down slowly until it fits firmly into its position.
  4. While putting back the cartridges, you should always make sure that the colored dot on the cartridge label correctly matches with that on the print carriage.

Cleaning the clogged Printhead

The printer control panel has an automated tool for cleaning the printheads. This can be brought into action when you encounter the ink system failure error as the clogged printheads can also become a prime contributing factor for such errors.

In case this method doesn’t work out, the chances are high that the printhead is not installed correctly in the first place. In such scenarios , you should try getting it re-fixed and properly installed.

Printhead replacement

A faulty printhead always carves way for a dead printer. And in such cases, Installing a brand new original HP printhead assembly is the only option left out. And, it’s highly recommended that you do not change the printheads by yourselves as there are certain factors that need to be taken care of while changing the printhead. You can seek help from expert professionals who will do the printhead changing work for you.

So, by following the above mentioned steps, you will be able to resolve your HP printer’s Ink system failure error. However, in case this error still persists, you always have the option to get in touch with the HP printer support technicians which will help you get the issue fixed in the most efficient manner.

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