How to fix your HP Printer Error 0x61000f6 ?

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The range of HP printers is always alluring for the customers. The company is known to be the best in the range of the printers and gives the customers the value of their money. However, for convenience and ease of the consumers, the company has come up with solutions for the errors presented on their printers. So, now with a click of a button, customers can get the solutions to their problems.

The HP printer Error 0x61000f6 is a common error and can be resolved easily. It basically means that the printer is not connected to the computer in an appropriate way. Hence, it is not working properly. The support provided by HP to its consumers is best of class and the solutions are easily available on their official website online. Further, in case of any discrepancies, you can reach out to them on their support number or through emails. However, here we have briefed down some of the solutions for you to resolve the error:

Solutions to fix your HP Printer Error 0x61000f6

  1. Turn off the printer, and then switch it on again.

Press the power button for 60 seconds to power off the printer. If the printer is not turned off within 60 seconds or so, you can refer to the next solution.

Then wait for some time and again press the power button to turn on the printer.

If the problem is resolved, with this solution, you need not troubleshoot the printer. In case the problem is not resolved; you can go through other solutions and try them out.

  1. You need to clear the stall, in case any papers are stuck there.

The printer won’t work properly if there are jammed paper. The Following steps are to be followed to clear the stall of any jammed paper. Here is a word of caution, initially do not remove the jammed paper. If you will try to clear the stall from the front of the printer, the print mechanism will be damaged.

First of all, remove all the loose paper from the printer.

Then you start clearing the jammed paper, but from the tail of the product. For this, you need to turn off the printer by pressing the power button.

It is recommended to disconnect the chord from the back of the product, to be safe from any electrical injuries.

Then start on with removing the panel. The panel can be removed by pressing the two buttons present on either side of the printer. This is known as a rear access panel. You need to pull this panel away from the product.

Very cautiously and gently pull out all the papers from the rollers. See to it that if the papers tear while they are being removed from the rollers, then you need to check the rollers and wheelers and clear them. The reason behind this is to avoid jams in the future.

Once this is done, reattach the panel of the product and place it properly in the printer. Connect the chord to the back side of the printer and switch it on with the power button.

Then again turn off the printer and remove the chord from the back of the printer. Open up the front cartridge. You need to move the carriage to one side of the printer and remove all the jammed papers from the printer.

Note: Do not remove the papers from the front if the carriage is not on one side and the chord is not removed. This can cause electrical shocks.

Close the front access and turn on the computer. Start printing. If the problem persists, refer to the next solution.

  1. The carriage is moving freely:

Disconnect the USB cable and the power chord from the printer. Then open the carriage door and very firmly press the carriage door. The latch handle should be down. In case the latch handle is upwards, the carriage will not fit in the printer properly and the printer will not work appropriately.

See to it, if the carriage is moving freely or not from one side to another. In case of any obstructions, clear it out and then connect the USB cable and power chord. Turn on the printer and go ahead.

  1. Remove the cartridges from the printer and then install it again into the printer

Turn on the product and with the help of the access handles that is present on the side of the printer open the cartridge access.

The tabs present on each of the cartridge are to be pressed and then remove them from the place. Then place them back again into the printer. See to it that they are placed appropriately that is the color should match and the icons should match.

Close the access door present in front of the printer and then try printing from the printer.

  1. Wall outlet plug in:

The power chord that is placed on the backside of the printer is to be removed. Then place the power chord directly into the wall outlet and then reconnect it to the back of the printer. Try to print sheets from the printer.

  1. Reset the printer and start printing the status report

Disconnect all the chords from the printer such as the power chord from the back of the printer, from the wall outlet, USB cable etc. now reconnect all the chords and reset the printer.

Then try printing a status report. For this insert a plain white sheet in the paper tray of the printer. On the home screen, in the control panel, select the right arrow for more options.

Select setup and then tools. Select the printer status report and go ahead with the report.

  1. Give your printer for servicing

You know it that it is the time to give your printer for servicing if none of the solutions resolves the issue and the problem still persists. The company boasts of the most appropriate service center and they will take appropriate care of your product.

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