How To Fix HP Printer 3545 Error Code OXC4EB827F

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HP is a reliable and reputed name in the list of companies providing high end printers. Different HP printer models are developed using latest technologies and tools for utmost comfort and flexibility of the users. However, when the users face technical errors with the printers, it is very difficult to get the printer repaired instantly.

Among a number of printer and driver issues, the HP printer 3545 error Code OXC4EB827F is one of the most prominent and common errors which troubles the users on a regular basis.  We offer instant and comprehensive support services for 3545 HP printer and other models while communicating with the customers in a highly professional way.


What is OXC4EB827F error?

OXC4EB827F error is an error code which appears on the HP 3545 printer model and other printer models due to surplus corrupted entry in the registers. This issue is caused due to paper jams, dirty encoder strips, faulty hardwares etc. It is a very complex issue which can create complete jam or can damage the printer internally if not fixed quickly.

How to fix the error?

We aim to deliver instant and quick solution to the customers facing OXC4EB827F error code and thus, here is a quick guide you can refer and troubleshoot the problem within minutes.

Step 1: Remove the ink cartridge from the printer

If your printer is not switched on, switch it on.  Now remove the ink cartridge from the printer and also remove the power cord from the back of the printer

Step 2: Shut down your system and router

Shut down your computer and also switch off your router. Wait for 2-3 minutes and fix the power cord again in the printer.

Step 3: Plug-in the cord

Insert the cord again in the printer. When you insert the cord, you will be asked to insert the ink cartridge. When the instructions pop-up, put the cartridge in the printer.

Step 4: Rest the cartridge and print a test page

Reset the cartridge and switch on the computer and router. Then, print a test page followed by printing other pages for better results. It will start working normally as before.


These steps will help you to troubleshoot the error. If these steps do not work with your printer, it might be facing some other technical issues.   Sit back and relax! Our high end technical support experts are well versed with solving such complex technical issues. Reach us through our dedicated hotline number, technical support email or chat and get quick fix. In case your printer needs onsite repair, our technicians are ready 24×7 to serve you with instant repair services.

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