How to Fix HP LaserJet Pro Scanner Error 22

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HP has truly re-invented the way we have been seeing and using a scanner all this time. The all new HP LaserJet Pro Scanner is an example of the same. You can now Send scans directly from your scanner to emails, network folders, or even your PC through a stable Ethernet connection.


Not only this, you can also scan directly to your mobile phone via the HP Jet Advantage Capture app, which can be later on  edited and saved as per your convenience.


But there are chances that you might encounter the Error 22 message on the scanner’s control panel while trying to perform a scan function. This error may be occurring due to the excessive weight or even pressure applied to the scanner glass while scanning.


For example, if you are scanning an open book, the extra pressure or weight might cut out the entire scanner mechanism process.

Fix scanner error 22

There are certain steps to be followed that can help you successfully avoid the Error 22 being displayed. these are as follows :

Step 1: Turn the scanner ON

  1. If you are scanning a heavy book and in the middle of your scan process, you come across Error 22, then switch off the scanner.
  2. Wait for a minute or two and then turn on the scanner. This will help you carry out the resetting process from the beginning.

Step 2: Wait for the scanner to become Idle

  1. Once the scanner has started, do not immediately proceed ahead with resetting it. You will have to patiently wait until the scanner has successfully reached an idle and silent state can
  2. Carrying out resetting tasks without the scanner attaining an idle state might result in permanent damage to its components.
  3. Keeping your scanner switched On, all you have to do is, disconnect the power cable from behind.

Step 3: Unplugging your scanner

  1. Once the power cable has been disconnected from the back of the scanner, the other end of this cable also needs to be unplugged from the wall outlet area.
  2. After this has been done, you will have to wait for at least 60 seconds before proceeding ahead. This will help the components of the scanner become deprived of any amount of electricity.

Step 4: Plug back the scanner

After a time period of 60 seconds, plug back the power cable back into the wall outlet.

Then, carefully Reconnect the power cable utility to the back of the scanner from where it was initially detached.

In case the scanner doesn’t automatically turn on, you can manually turn it ON.

Step 5: Warm up phase of the scanner.

After the scanner gets switched on, it may undergo a warm-up phase where the lights might flash for a couple of seconds and you will hear a ready to go beep.

You are patiently requested to wait until the completion of warm-up period

Post the warm up period, the scanner returns to idle mode as well as a silent mode.

By this time, you should have got rid of the Error 22. If at all, this error still persists, you can always approach the HP printer and scanner support technicians who  will do their best to help you get the issue fixed in get your Error resolved at the earliest.

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