How to Fix HP Laptop Wireless Connection Issue?

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HP has successfully made a name in the market with the kind of laptops they manufacture that is best suited for the daily requirements of the people of every generation. The laptop is meant for a proper multitasking with high-end performance. The laptops are pretty much easy to carry and do not even require a lot of space to fit in. One can easily take it to the office for delivering presentation or work from anywhere. From the best of the gaming experience to clear sound quality giving you a better experience of the movies, HP has all the necessary qualities to fulfill the entertainment purpose of the user. But if you want to enjoy all these without any hassle, then it is very important to connect the laptop with a proper wireless internet connection.

Importance of having a Wireless Connection

The importance of internet does not need a definite description. Our day to day purpose is all dependent on the type of internet connection that we have. The wireless network allows the device to get connected with each other and share internet. The wireless connection is something that is becoming common everywhere, whether it is home or at the office. To enjoy the high-end performance of the HP laptops, it is recommended to connect it to a proper wireless connection.

Resolving the problems related to the Wireless Connection

There are many ways that you can use to fix the wireless connection issues. Few of the processes are given below:

You are unable to connect your PC to the Wireless Connection

  • Most of the notebooks nowadays have a specific button that allows you to connect to the wireless network.
  • Try pressing the button once or twice and then wait for some time to see whether there are any changes in the notification area. If the specific button does not have any LED light to signal you about the connection status then take your mouse to the notification area to see the status.
  • If it is on, then try connecting to the internet again. If not, then repeat the process.


PC is having a very slow connection to the Wireless Network

  • Try to move the laptop closer to the router, check whether the strength of the connection is increasing or not.
  • Try to remove the metal objects if there are any present between the wireless router and the PC. The metal object has the tendency to interfere with the wireless connections which can bring your network connection to jeopardy.
  • Try to limit the number of connected devices to the wireless router. Using too many devices can generally result in slow connection of the internet.
  • Try connecting to any other local wireless network. This will give you a clear idea whether the problem lies with your wireless router or with your PC.


Update the drivers related to the Wireless Networks

The one thing that you can do to fix the issues related to the wireless connection is to update the required drivers related to the wireless connections, especially if the problem is related to the performance of the router.

Use the support assistance provided by HP to have a proper network diagnosis

You can use the following steps to have a proper network diagnosis.

  • Click the support icon that is present on your Desktop in the notification area
  • You will see a welcome screen opening, click on the next button on the screen.
  • The My Device section will open up from where you will have to select your own device.
  • Click on the Internet and Security Icon on the My Device screen
  • Click on the icon of HP network check
  • Click the yes option by which you are allowing your computer to run the particular diagnosis to resolve the required issues.
  • On clicking you will be redirected to the HP network check screen, click on the next icon to start the diagnosis.
  • If the diagnosis results in more than one issue that is causing the problem to the wireless connection than click on the possible root causes.
  • Click on one of the tool icons that are present there and follow the instructions that are provided.
  • Click Re-Check after you have done with the required instructions.
  • The assistance helps you to check all the network issues.
  • Repeat the steps till all the problems have been diagnosed properly to resolve the network issues that you are facing.

If you do not have the HP assistance installed on your PC then you can download it from the official site.

Concluding the facts

There are lots of processes that one can follow in order to have the network issues resolved. These are the common things that you can do to have the instant result to resolve the problems.

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