How to Fix HP 68xx Printer Issue With Printhead?

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Most of the time, when you are performing a print function on your HP printer, you might come across the Printhead Error 0xc19a0020 which is also known as 68XX printer issue. This kind of error denotes that your printer hardware has failed and the printer as a whole, is in a dire need for a  proper service or replacement. Several reasons can be accountable for this error such as:

  1. The printer not being used from a long time
  2. Connection of the printer to the wall outlet might be improper or faulty.
  3. Incorrectly installed printer cartridges.

But now there are certain effective troubleshooting steps, following which you can resolve this error efficiently.

These steps are given below :

Step 1: Installing the HP software

Follow the below given steps to download and install the  HP printer software for on your computer:

  1. Go to the website :
  2. Enter the details of the model number of your printer. The model number would be present on the front side of the printer.
  3. Click Begin.
  4. Click on the blue colored Download button
  5. Double Click the downloaded file to install it.

Step 2: Connecting the printer

You should always make sure that you accept the option to establish a connect to the Web Services. The Web Services are mandatorily required for a proper functioning of HP Instant Ink.

Step 3: Re-enrollment in HP Instant Ink

You can follow the below given instructions to re-enroll the replacement printer with HP Instant Ink :

  1. You have to mandatorily follow the prompts in order to activate the services  and then choose a plan accordingly. This will be the first step for the re-enrollment process in HP Instant Ink. ( In case your initial printer was already enrolled in Instant Ink, you would have received an enrollment key from HP via Email. If this is the scenario, then make sure that you enter the enrollment key on the very page where you choose the plan of your convenience.)
  2. You will be prompted to ‘Create an Account’
  3. Instead of logging in, find the link to ‘Sign In’
  4. Sign in with the login details that you had used for your original printer.
  5. The billing and shipping information will be auto populated from your original account.
  6. In case you weren’t an Instant Ink customer previously, then go ahead and create a new account.
  7. Click Enroll after thoroughly reviewing your order.
  8. When your enrollment is complete, a link to view your account page populates. Make sure to click on it and review it.
  9. You can alternatively visit to view the details of your account page.
  10. Make sure that your original printer enrollment was cancelled completely on your account page.
  11. If you have multiple enrollments for your printer, then the top of the status section on the account page will display a printer pulldown menu.
  12. If your original printer is still being displayed on this list, you have to follow the following steps:
  • From the menu at the top of the account page, Select your original printer.
  • To confirm the account details of your original printer, Review the Monthly Summary or Print History
  • If you are unable to see the status as Cancelled or Cancellation in Progress, click on My Plan
  • Click on Edit
  • Click Cancel Enrollment for cancelling the original printer’s account.
  1. Post enrollment of your replacement printer, You will be receiving a set of new genuine Instant Ink cartridges within 7-10 business days. You can replace your low level SETUP ink cartridges with the replacement HP Instant Ink cartridges.

This procedure should resolve the 68xx Printer Issue, if followed appropriately. If you are still facing the same error, you can proceed ahead with seeking help from the HP printer technical help team and get the issues fixed through professionals.

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