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HP is one of the best producers of hardware and software components in the technological market. The components provided them are produced after a lot of testing and discussions so that the consumers are benefitted to the best. Keeping in mind the consumers, HP aims at increasing the consumer satisfaction levels in order to build a strong base for the company. Printers are to be maintained properly and a lot of care is to be taken. There are numerous kinds of printers present in the market. Some of the printer problems in the market are related to inkjet or laser problems and other problems are in reference to all kinds of printers available in the market. in order to take care of the twisted problems, the consumers should take the help of the professionals in this field.

The HP support system is known for its round the clock support services and each problem of the consumer is dealt with utmost priority. The support system can be contacted via a call on their toll- free number or through emails. Further, the HP Company has come up with a support page that will brief the consumers about all the solutions that can be used to solve the errors. In case the problems are not being resolved, the consumers can contact the service center for further support. In this article, we have briefed the solutions of some of the common HP printer errors.

The Initial step is to take a look at the basics:

The first should be to check the power of the printer, the papers present in the printer and the connection of the printer to the electric supply. The connection to the electric supply can either be through a chord or it can be wireless. It depends on the type of the printer.

In case the printer has low levels of the ink cartridge or the cartridges are empty, you need to follow the steps to replace them following the instructions that are provided on the manual or on the online page of the HP. In case the cartridge or the inks are not installed properly, you need to check the control panel for the same and go to the HP support system for the solution.

Then you need to visit the doctor:

HP Company has come up with an amazing feature of HP doctor. These are nothing, but the free tools that can be downloaded in order to fix the common errors related to the HP printer. The most common tool used by people are the HP Print and Scan Doctor. This tool runs a quick troubleshoot task in order to deal with the common printer problems. It is available for Windows only. For all other operating systems such as the Mac OS, the customer support system shall cater to the required needs.

Then comes the paper jam:

Paper jams are the most common errors that occur in the printer and are troublesome. These paper jams are way too frustrating while working and will occur once in a blue moon. In case the paper jam problem happens more often, there are a few simple steps that can be taken to eliminate or decrease the happening of such issues:

  • Papers in the paper tray are not loaded properly.
  • Objects such as paper clips, rubber bands etc might have made their place in the tray.
  • Paper rollers are untidy and damaged.
  • In the paper tray, the papers that are loaded are damp and damaged and causing paper jams because of the small pieces of the paper.
  • On the rear or underside of the printer, the access door is not closed properly.
  • While the printing process was going on, a stack of papers was loaded into the tray
  • The paper is causing troubles in the hardware to the point where there is no view of the stuck paper.
  • There are torn pieces from the previous jamming in the tray
  • There is some obstacle causing trouble in printing
  • The tray is too full of papers.

Once these problems are efficiently recorded in mind, you can go ahead with the given steps to resolve the issue:

  • Turn off the printer and take out the jammed papers from the printer. Clear the jam properly and the paper rolls. Check properly for any residue.
  • Go ahead and reset the printer, switch it on and service the printer.

There is a queue of printouts, but there is a stuck up in print jobs:

Sometimes, it happens that the printer is not able to take printouts from the computer because of the too many queued tasks. These tasks cannot be canceled or deleted using the Windows computer and hence, cause trouble. The way out is to follow the solutions provided by the HP customer support and resolve it. The reason behind this problem can be power outrage or any other.


Error 50.4

This is the most common error that is seen in the laser printers. Given the model of the printer, these problems are a result of the infrared oven, heated pressure rollers or xenon flash lamps. The problem is focused towards the fuser, which is one of the major components present in the printer. This component is irreplaceable. In case the printer fuser error is seen on the screen, the fuser is to be replaced, which happens because of the heated pressure rollers or infrared oven. Fusers are the components of the printer that need to be changed from time to time. They are like the wheels of the printer without which the printer shall not work properly. Usually, the fusers can print 1,00,000 pages, but can also sometimes collapse before that. This might occur due to paper jams or other printer problems.

Temporarily, you can switch the computer off and turn it on. Reset it and complete the work. In case the error persists, you need to get the fuser exchanged.


The printer has got way too many problems and it is not possible to write about each and every problem in the article. The above mentioned are some of the most common errors along with some of the major solutions to those problems. However, the customer support is present round the clock to help you out with all the needs of your printer.

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