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HP provides a unique and appealing range of high end printers. To make the printers work efficiently, the company also keeps delivering regular updates. The updated drivers can be installed to optimize the performance of the HP printer. We provide instant and step-by-step guidance for downloading and installing the printer drivers with the help of our proficient printer support team. Our team is highly active, well versed with all printing issues and always serves the customers with the most suitable printer support services.

You can reach us for exploring our high end printer driver support services through mails, hotline, or chat support. Apart from this, you can also have a glimpse on the below given steps for downloading the correct printer drivers for your system:

Why do I need to download a printer driver?

Your devices require a software or driver to understand the document or text to be printed. These drivers allow the printer to understand the text and thus, drivers or printing softwares are required for hassle free and proper printing.

How to find and download the printer drivers?

You can find the correct printer driver by visiting the HP website. Go to the website and look for printer drivers. Enter your printer model number and you will get redirected to the page with driver installation and download link.

Here are the steps to follow if you want to download printer drivers:

Prepare the printer for setup:

  • Delete any previous drivers downloaded in your system
  • Turn on the printer and wait until it gets in the ready state
  • Disconnect the USB cable from printer

Install the Driver and setup connection:

  • Go to the HP website, enter your model number and follow the on screen instructions to download the printer driver version
  • You can also choose USB driver download. When asked to choose the connection, choose USB connection and continue the steps to download the driver using printer and USB
  • Once the drivers are installed, try to print and scan a document for testing

Automatic driver update using HP support assistant

One of the advanced and modern ways to install the printer driver is to download the printer driver using the HP support assistant. This assistant optimizes system performance while providing updates, drivers and automatic bug fixing for different devices. If your support assistant doesn’t work properly, it needs a quick fix after which, the assistant will provide updates and driver downloads.

Here are the steps to use HP support assistant to download and install drivers on your pc

Reconnect the printer with your pc

  • To get access to printer assistant tools, click on connect a new printer.
  • Follow onscreen instructions to setup the printer.
  • Turn the printer off.
  • Also, close all the programs running on your system and restart the system. Then turn on your printer.
  • Open the HP support assistant. If it opens correctly, the issue is resolved and you can get drivers and updates. If it doesn’t, follow the next step.

Uninstall HP printer software

  • If your printer is connected to the system with USB, disconnect it
  • Click on programs and features
  • Search for your HP printer software and uninstall it
  • Follow the on screen instructions to uninstall and then restart your system

Reinstall the latest driver form HP website

Once you uninstall the printer software, you will need to reinstall the printer drivers again.

  • Turn on the printer
  • Disconnect the USB cable
  • Go to the HP customer support and download the drivers and softwares
  • If needed, enter you printer model and get the drivers
  • Click download and follow the on screen instructions to install the drivers
  • Turn on the printer and open HP support assistant

Now, once you get the hp support assistant, you can try using or downloading the built-in printer driver.


These are the basic steps you can follow to get the printer drivers and install them. If you are still facing issues in downloading and installing the printer drivers, contact our efficient tech support/ printer support and our knowledgeable technicians will provide link for driver download and a step by step guide to install the drivers.

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