How to Configure an HP Laptop to a Wireless Router?

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The HP Laptops are easy to carry computers that can be used by anyone effectively. The processing speed of an HP Laptop is quite high that it carries out multiple tasks without the hassle. Having the handy HP laptop means that you can work on a project, listen to music, watch a movie or even send messages at the same time. Since the laptops are endowed with multimedia features they can be truly entertaining by providing quality music, streaming movies with clarity and also involve yourself in action-packed games. But, in order to enjoy seamless applications, it is essential to have an internet connection. The wireless connection will ensure seamless functioning.

Why do I need a wireless network?

The wireless network enables the process of sending and receiving radio signals. An important part of the wireless network is the wireless router that is almost similar to the base unit of the cordless phone. The wireless router allows the devices to connect to each other and also share the internet connection provided by an internet service provider (ISP). It is possible to connect both wired as well as wireless devices. When you have wireless devices such as laptops that are connected to a wireless router, the network is referred to as a wireless infrastructure network.

You can reach us by exploring the processes to ensure that the HP laptop is all set to utilize the internet services through the wireless router so that you have an uninterrupted internet connection through the mail or chat support. However, you can also try configuring your HP laptop to make it compatible to access wireless infrastructure network:

What do I need, to connect to the wireless network for the first time?

In order to connect to the wireless network for the first time, you should have to have the following:

  • A wireless adapter in the computer– The HP laptop in which you wish to configure wireless connection should have a built-in adapter. Most of the HP laptops would have a built-in wireless adapter that is built-in and it can be understood from the wireless icon that is located on the front or side of the case. If the adapter is not built-in you might use an external wireless adapter that can be plugged in using the USB connection.
  • Network name and security information– in case of a home wireless network system, you will have the SSID- Service Set identifier, the security type (WEP or WPA) as well as the security key (passphrase).

Setting the WiFi Network

The configuration information has to be entered properly to establish a connection. While doing that you can also configure your laptop to connect automatically to the wireless connection whenever it is within the range.

Point to note

In order to ascertain whether your HP Laptop has the built-in wireless network device and the HP wireless assistant, you have to view the factory image on the HP computer. If you have changed the operating system, download and install the device driver that suits the OS and the wireless assistant.

Here are the steps to follow to set up the wireless network:

  • Switch on the Wifi router device as well as the laptop. Switching on the router involves moving the switch on the router to the ON position.
  • In the toolbar of the laptop locate the HP wireless Assistant icon. If it is ON proceed to the next step. If it is OFF right clicked on the wireless assistant icon and Turn it on.
  • Once this is done, you would have to locate the available network icon. This again will be available on the toolbar notification area.
  • Now right-click the icon for the wireless network. Click on the open network and sharing center button. Follow it up with set up new connection button and select the manually connect to wireless network option. Then click next and proceed.
  • Fill up the network security information which includes SSID, Security type, encryption type, as well as the passphrase. You may select start this connection automatically, if you want the laptop to automatically log on to the wireless network whenever it is within the range.
  • If you have to check the configurations, select the available network icon. You will be able to view the available wireless networks as well as the selected network.

What if the laptop does not connect to the WiFi router?

If for some reason the laptop does not connect to the wireless network you could call for help or can

  • Make use of windows Troubleshoot problem
  • You can open the device manager and get the driver uninstalled
  • Reset the WLAN driver
  • Open the laptop and try reconnecting to the WLAN card
  • As a last resort go in for replacement of WiFi card.
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