How to Clear a Paper Jam in an HP Inkjet Printer

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HP Inkjet printers are widely used in homes and offices all over the world. They are available in a plethora of models for printing black and white documents, colored documents and pictures. Inkjet printing uses a special ink stored in special ink cartridges for printing. Inkjet printers are used for computer printing. One of the common problems with an HP Inkjet printer is the jamming of paper inside it.  If a paper gets jammed inside your HP Inkjet printer, you need to follow some simple steps to solve the problem.

Check the tray

Paper can get jammed in the paper tray. You need to check the paper tray for any loose paper and remove it if detected. In case a paper gets stuck in the paper tray while feeding into the printer from it, you simply need to pull it back from the tray. Press the resume button after removing the paper.

Removing the rear access door of the printer

You can look for a jammed paper by removing the rear access door of the printer. The printer can either have a button or a clasp or knob for releasing the rear access door. If any piece of paper is stuck in the rollers as visible after removing the rear access door, gently pull it out. It is necessary to remove all pieces of paper if more than one paper is stuck in the rollers. Even small scraps of paper must be removed from the rollers. Thereafter, put the rear access door back in its position and press the resume button to continue printing. The rear access door should be replaced using a good amount of force as it can recoil as soon as it is placed back in its position. It is better to get someone to hold the door in place.

Check the print carriage of the printer

First of all you need to disconnect the power supply of your printer by pulling out the plug from the socket. Thereafter, remove the printer carriage. Do not apply force if it gets stuck on something. If the printer carriage is facing impediments in moving freely, then rotate the rollers using your fingers for three complete rotations. You need to rotate them in the upward direction and simultaneously ensure that all the parts inside the printer are working properly and there are no obstructions. Restart the printer and check.

Lift the front cover

You can lift the front cover of your HP inkjet printer and remove any piece of paper stuck inside the machine. This precaution helps in preventing damage to the printer.


You must test the inkjet printer after clearing the paper jam. Load an inkjet paper into the paper tray and press the resume button to print a page. If the HP inkjet printer continues to jam, you need to contact the HP Printer Support Number which is 1800-915-6983. The technical support team of HP is available round the clock for providing valuable assistance.

What causes paper jam?

Paper jams can occur due to the following reasons.

  • Damaged paper used for printing can lead to paper jam in your HP Inkjet printer. Bent papers or papers with curled corners can also cause paper jamming.


  • A paper tray is designed to hold only a specific number of papers. If the paper tray is loaded with far more number of papers than its capacity then paper jam is bound to happen. This is called paper overloading.


  • Special trays must be used for pictures, labels, envelopes and other special kind of documents. Using the wrong kind of tray leads to paper jamming. A printer comes with detailed instructions regarding the proper use of different kinds of trays.


  • The size of the paper must fit with the printer guide. Tight or loose printer guide causes the paper to get fed into the printer in an incorrect position which leads to paper jam. Incorrect placement of the paper can also lead to paper jam.


  • Accumulation of ink and paper dust inside the printer is another cause of paper jam. Toner buildup inside the printer is a common reason for paper jams.


  • Excessive use of the printer over a period of time can also cause paper jams.
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